Yamaha NP30 Review

Another popular model is the Yamaha NP30. It’s actually much cheaper than the Casio PX-130 I talked about earlier (click here for review). It’s about half the price. This site explains why the Yamaha NP30 is cheaper. I actually bookmarked this site because it really needs some more exposure.

My opinion:

The Yamaha NP30 is really an amazing piano for its price. The sound is on par with the Yamaha P85, which is twice as expensive. It weighs about 5 kilograms. It’s just the ultimate piano for newbies since it sounds great at such a cheap price.

It literally weighs as much as a heavy baby. Talk about portable.

The downsides are really not that big of a deal. The piano only has 76 keys, which still allows you to play most songs. If it can play some Beethoven songs, then it can play enough songs for the average beginner. The only real complaint is that the keys are not fully weighted. It feels too light to many people. Once again, in my opinion, that’s not an issue, especially for beginners. It still feels fine.

I highly recommend this piano for anyone who is looking to buy one. If I don’t convince you, at least check out this site’s Yamaha NP30 review.

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