How to Buy a Piano

Grand PianoWhen it comes to buying a piano, people are confused. Yes, they do take into consideration the cost as with everything else. However, it’s generally just too difficult to know which piano they want to purchase, and so, they believe anything the salesman tells them.

It’s much more than that though.

I understand that it’s difficult to know what type of piano to buy because people generally just don’t have much knowledge in this field. Actually, even the people around them usually don’t have much knowledge in this field. Nevertheless, people tend to look for advice from their friends and family. Even worse, they ask the salesman for advice when all he’s trying to do is make a sale. Asking a friend who likes playing the piano may work, but he’ll tend to be more biased toward the ones he grew up playing. If he grew up playing the Yamaha piano, he tends to like those more.

In addition to this, there are just hundreds and hundreds of different types of pianos. It can become overwhelming. Which one should you buy? To narrow it down to just one can become difficult. To add onto the already complicating situation, pianos are abstract. To explain, imagine buying a laptop. By reading the specs, you can see which laptop performs better. It’s faster. The battery life is longer. It comes with Windows 7. Things like these are concrete ways of understanding which laptop to buy. However, pianos are different. The reasons to buy one piano above another can be abstract. And yet, despite looking similar, their cost can be vastly different. One piano might cost $3000 and the other might cost $100,000.

The reason people can get confused is that they complicate things. They want to learn all these fancy terms that just aren’t important. When buying a piano, all you need to do is focus on how it sounds and feels. It’s that simple. Of course, you might also want to take into consideration how it looks, but ultimately, the sound and feel of the piano are the most important factors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying an acoustic piano or a digital piano. For both types of pianos, just focus on the sound and the feel. You’ll notice that this will simplify things and make you much happier with your decision.

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