Casio PX-130 Review

Casio PX130The Casio PX-130 is one of the most popular digital piano models out right now. It’s in the top-selling section for Zzsounds, Guitarcenter, and Amazon. What makes it so popular?

If you want to see a well-written, in-depth review, I found a site that writes solely reviews on digital pianos. I like it. Here’s the Casio PX-130 review on that site.

My opinion:

The Casio PX-130 is so popular because it’s an entry-level model. When it comes to playing the piano, there are several levels. You can be a beginner. You can be an expert. You can also be someone entering this field. For the last group of people, this will be their type of model.

What the Casio PX-13o provides is a realistic feel and sound for an inexpensive price. Naturally, beginners or entry-level players don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on something that they just started to take interest in. Specifically for these people, the Casio brand came out with the Privia PX-130. You only need to spend a few hundred dollars and you still get a great piano.

For experts, they might not like playing this piano because it might not feel or sound realistic enough. They’re another story. They have years and years of experience so playing the piano is second nature. On the other hand, beginners don’t have any experience so while the quality of the Casio PX-130 isn’t as great as some other models, beginners can’t tell the difference. They simply think that they are playing and hearing a beautiful piano.

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