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Yamaha NP30 Review

Another popular model is the Yamaha NP30. It’s actually much cheaper than the Casio PX-130 I talked about earlier (click here for review). It’s about half the price. This site explains why the Yamaha NP30┬áis cheaper. I actually bookmarked this … Continue reading

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Casio PX-130 Review

The Casio PX-130 is one of the most popular digital piano models out right now. It’s in the top-selling section for Zzsounds, Guitarcenter, and Amazon. What makes it so popular? If you want to see a well-written, in-depth review, I … Continue reading

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How to Buy a Piano

When it comes to buying a piano, people are confused. Yes, they do take into consideration the cost as with everything else. However, it’s generally just too difficult to know which piano they want to purchase, and so, they believe … Continue reading

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